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Family Mediation Services

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Family Mediation Services

Mediate your family issues without lawyers for
one low fixed price of only $449 per side.

Do you want to solve your family law issues?

Have your and your spouse/ex reached a point where you cannot communicate without lawyers?

Do you wish there was a way to get a neutral 3rd party who knows the law to mediate between you and your spouse/ex without costing your thousands of dollars?

We offer a simple, cost effective method to resolve your child custody, child support, divorce or other family law problem without expensive legal fees.

Resolve your conflict. Schedule with Family Mediation Services.

  • The first step in securing our services is to send us an e-mail or call us and request a packet.You can also choose to download the packet from this website.

  • Ask the other party if he or she is willing to cooperate and mediate. It may seem simple but many litigants have never considered the option. Ask them to look at this website and if they agree, you are almost there.

  • Before we begin, we do have to run a conflicts check. If one of our legal professionals has acted as an attorney for one of the parties, we must get a waiver of any conflict, or refer you to a another mediation provider.

  • Fill out the forms in the intake packet with as much information as possible - both parties must return the information forms filled out with payment.

  • Come to our office on the scheduled date ready to work through the issues

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