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Family Mediation Services

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Family Mediation Services

Mediate your family issues without lawyers for
one low fixed price of only $449 per side.

Are you tired of trying to resolve your family law issues?

Have your patience worn thin trying to work with your spouse/ex-spouse or other parent?

Do you need help but can't afford a lawyer?

Consider mediation without lawyers. We offer a simple, cost effective method to resolve your child custody, child support, divorce or other family law problem without expensive legal fees.

Why mediate? William Camden, British author, perhaps said it best: "Agree, for the law is costly."

It is a statistical fact that when the economy is bad or money is tight, tension sets in, tempers flair and families fight. That is why it makes sense to mediate your family law issues - the majority of family law problems arise when money is in low supply and high demand. Plus, going to court is emotionally draining, time consuming, as well as expensive. Why go to a Judge when you and the other party can agree to mediate? With mediation, you get so many advantages:

  • Mediation is private, confidential and cost effective.

  • Mediation opens lines of communication. Parties are able to be heard and to vent.

  • Parties can structure a resolution that the may not achieve in court.

  • Parties receive a neutral evaluation of their case. Each side learns something.

  • 75 to 90% of all cases that are mediated settle the day of the mediation or shortly thereafter.

  • Clients are relieved of the burden of the dispute and relationships survive the ordeal.

Abraham Lincoln counseled the bar on the subject of dispute resolution over 150 years ago. "Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time."

Family Mediation Services serving Collin County and Dallas County

Family Mediation Services is an in-expensive, safe, and positive means of resolving yoru family conflict. You can submit your issues to an experienced Family Mediation Services mediator for less than the cost of two hours with a single attorney without a lawyer, without attorneys fees, and without a court order.

Mediation is defined as an informal, non - binding process in which a neutral third party facilitates communication between disputants and assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of the dispute. In this process, the mediator explores the underlying facts, the relevant evidence and the law, as well as the parties underlying interest, needs and priorities. Mediation is a flexible and confidential process that is less stressful than a formal trial. It can also save time and money, allow for greater participation by the real parties in interst and it provides more flexibility in creating a resolution.

Our services are top-notch and competitive. Our offices are conveniently located in Plano, TX where we can provide services for participants in Allen, Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, and the surrounding cities in Dallas County and Collin County, Texas who need help resolving family law issues including:

  • Child Custody - setting up and securing custody orders and establishing visitation orders
  • Child Support - resolving disputes and establishing proper child support orders
  • Divorce - dividing property, resolving issues related to fault, and alimony/post divorce maintenance
  • Enforcement of Support Obligations - getting child support arrearages reduced to judgment
  • Father's Rights - establishing paternity without lawyers or protracted litigation
  • Modifications - changing custody or child support when there has been a change in circumstances

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Document Preparation

Family Mediation Services offers additional assistance for clients seeking a do-it-yourself divorce. These services, referred to as "unbundled" legal services by the State Bar are available a' la carte regardless of whether or not you utilize the services of one of our mediators.

Whether you are representing yourself (Pro Se) or your spouse has a lawyer and you just want document review and guidance, unbundled services can save your hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If your legal matter is simple, why pay an attorney $200 - $400 per hour to sit at the courthouse for an hour or more waiting for your case to be called, just to stand and speak for 10 minutes. Family Mediation Services can prepare your documents including scripts for you to read and provide simple step by step instructions on what do when the Judge calls your name for low fixed prices.